Time after Time : Flashback Fashion for Modern-Day Play
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Time after Time : Flashback Fashion for Modern-Day Play

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Time after Time : Flashback Fashion for Modern-Day Play

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In Time After Time, fashion icon Minna Gilligan imparts her wisdom and penchant for mixing and matching fashion, and details contemporary ways to wear vintage things, in combination with current 'new' items of clothing. Minna's philosophy is that dressing has no rules or regulations other than what you impose on yourself, and that an outfit's greatest goal is to bring you joy and make you feel good. She aims to encourage and inspire readers to develop their individual style and explore their own creativity. Minna puts together outfits not unlike how she makes her collaging artwork - a seaming together of various elements plucked from different time periods into one cohesive yet still interesting entity in an ever playful and always colorful way.

Chapters include advice for shopping at opportunity shops and thrift stores, second hand and flea markets as well as online stores such as Ebay and Etsy, with information about how much to spend, how to tell which era the clothing comes from, how to tell what type of fabrics are used and more. Minna's fashion editorial chapters show her modelling a range of fabulous themed outfits for a range of occasions such as Date Night, Beauty School Drop Out, Saturday Night at the Movies, Cherry Bomb and Party. Her outfits borrow elements from several decades and fashion eras and Minna shows just how to build a look that is fun and allows for your own self-expression. 

Utilizing Minna's stunning artwork and collages throughout the book on how to include accessories, buttons, collar details, shoes, hats and glasses, Time After Time is a color riot that is as beautiful as it is useful.

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