Rebecca Jane Tutorial

REBECCA JANE Sewing Machine Cover

This tutorial is meant to be used with our pattern card Rebecca Jane.

This sewing machine cover is completely reversible, including having handles on inside and out.

We will refer to Side A and Side B.

Side A is the two prints you see at the top of the pattern cover. The top or upper piece is a small green print.

Side B is the two prints you see at the bottom of the pattern cover. The top or upper piece is a small pink print. These are not seen on the cover, but are seen on the back of the pattern.

This shows how to position your plate to make the curved corners. You will only need to do this once, you'll need the curve at the top of each front piece.

After you've cut your first curved piece using the plate, you can then use that finished cut piece as a template for your other pieces, so you don't need to keep doing the plate/saucer thing.

These pieces as shown on back of pattern are considered your FRONT pieces. You will have a total of 4 of them, each in a different fabrice.
Pieces for Side B are 1" taller than Side A. This is because the extra 1" is going to be used as a self-binding when you finish your sewing machine cover.
To cut down on the number of curved top corners you need to cut, fold your Front fabric pieces in half. You can see here this is a folded-in-half piece as you only see one top corner.
Example of a Side A piece on top of a Side B piece showing the extra inch at the bottom of Side B.
Here is an example of using a previously cut piece as a guide to cut the next piece.
Another example of a Side A piece on top of a Side B piece showing the extra inch at the bottom of Side B.
Here are all four Front pieces (still folded in half).
Top and Side pieces. You'll be making two. One for Side A and one for Side B.
Sew your Side and Top pieces in the center on the short ends.
Iron seam open. Do this for both.
Optional handles. Fold in half lengthwise. Make 1/2" seam along long edge.
Trim seams to 1/4"
Turn right side out.
Press so that seam is along center of one side.
Seam will not be seen from the top.
Second handle piece.
Fold in half and sew and trim as before.
Press as before.
Stitch or baste short end of handle to top/side piece. Attach right at center where your center seam is for the top/side piece.
Attach your side pieces to your front pieces. Do one Front piece at a time to make them easier to handle. Pin together along top and sides. Clip Top/Side piece at corners where necessary to help ease the seams.
Trim where necessary. Repeat for second Front piece.
Press seams.
Showing pressing of seams for the Side B.
On Side B, press lower edge in 1/2", then 1/2" again.
Place Side A into Side B. 
Side A will be slight shorter so you will be able to use the folded and pressed hem/binding pieces of Side B as a self-binding.
Put together and pinned.
Binding being sewn into place.
On Side A, as seen here, you can see the binding from the fabric of Side B.
When looking at Side B, the cover on the right, you do not see a binding because it is flipped under and attached to the other side.
Finished view of Side B.